Anyang You can Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment. 2010 launched a new energy-saving series inverter furnace (commonly known as: a drag two, one drag three electric furnace). The company has a group of Ph.D., senior engineer, undergraduate and other professional staff of scientific research and development and technical services team, are in the Xi'an Institute of Electrical and Mechanical research and development and manufacturing for many years, with the rapid development of productive products through mature products and technical capabilities.
       Our products are mainly black, non-ferrous metal melting, heating, heat treatment (quenching, tempering). Equipment power from 100KW to 20000KW, smelting capacity from 0.1 tons to 40 tons.
       With the improvement of national industrial level, all walks of life on the quality requirements of the grid is getting higher and higher, while extensive use of industrial automation, controllable rectifier, intermediate frequency furnace and other equipment to produce a large number of harmonics, resulting in deterioration of power quality. For this power supply sector, China Foundry Association actively guided, urging users to use: energy efficient, no high-frequency harmonics, high power factor IF furnace equipment.
       We have a complete after-sales service, so that customer satisfaction is our continuous improvement, the driving force.
       Our philosophy: the details of the success or failure, rather loss of their own interests, not to provide inferior products.

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